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Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. French/Aussie
Location Waco, TX
School. Other
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Hey Ajibalaji89!!
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Oh wow, hey.
by Ajibalaji89
Hey, allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
lol the ultimate tracker
by middaymoon
shows that I*ve had 2 logged in visitors in 2018. But I*m in the top 10!
Omg I forgot about this Site...
by sagittariusmoon
Gotta clean this up... :)

by LostSoul13
Woo! I am glad it*s back; it*ll be nice to come back to once I*m done with my hiatus. Thanks for being patient with me :)

by randomjunk
Nutang is back!!!!
by Zanzibar

by AmbyrJayde
disasters seem less than ideal :o
My week has been insane
by Zanzibar
Several all-nighters, disasters, etc. But not too bad.

by AmbyrJayde
Pretty decent. Got a handful of book sales this week and that was aweomse! How about everyone else?
Hi guys
by dannixfresh
How has everybody’s week been?

by randomjunk
Hi AmbyrJayde.
by AmbyrJayde
hihi everyone

by randomjunk
Yeah, it*s horrible. :(
Original Sin, The first Trumpet
Monday. 10.2.06 7:26 pm
The long strip of beach connected the ocean with the shore of Hawaii. Along it glittered the forms of tanned, half-naked bodies. Many couples seemed to worship the suns warmth and power, finding it a relaxing change from whatever their regular lifestyle was. Some young couples in the water had removed all there clothing to have a bit of unbridled, sensual fun, hopefully the animals that inhabited the expanse didn't seem to think a particula piece of flesh as bait.

'Heaven on Earth' exclaimed Luke Vermot through a beaming smile. Stepping out from his veranda he strolled into the shade of a coconut tree, letting sand spread throughout every nook and cranny in his feet. The small beachhouse that he had occupied for the last 3 days was a classic Hawaiin design, made from firm wood essentially but over the years had undergone construction and added a modern feel to it. It had 2 rooms and an extensive kitchen which Luke visited a dozen times a day. From the outside he noticed that a small window had been left open, no matter it would clear the smell of of odours trapped for many months.

Scooping up a towel with his right hand, with his left he strung a loose knapsack to his back which had been filled with snacks, lotion, drinks and some reading "material". He planned to tan his body to perfection over his annual week long holiday, so far it was failing. His skin was a ghostly white, no albino but he only ever turned another colour, a flushed red from anger.

The neon lighting provided by the MBDR to their constructs was considered a standard, even though it irritated the employees it could not be changed. He had frowned upon marriage a long time ago, all except for his marriage to his work. Voluntary shifts were always filled by the eager Luke Vermot, even though they paid nothing he liked being busy keeping his mind off trivial things like love. Working hours for him had begun at 6:00am and usually finished around 12:00am, barely letting his biological clock re-vamp itself.

Pushing the ever so irritating thought of work from his mind he unfolded his beach towel in the air, slowly falling onto the hot sand. Sitting down cross legged Luke loosened the the string of the knapsack, swinging it infront of himself. He pulled a can of Coca Cola out of the dusty, grey knapsack and opened it with a satisfying relief of compressed air. Placing the small can to his mouth the over-worked, under-paid agent let the dark brown liquid slide down his throat, relaxing the muscles in his oesaphagus and quenching his thirst.

Ironically the trademark saying of Coca Cola "makes you feel good" used to live up to its name in more ways than refreshing your thirst. Containg a now illegal substance. It was no wonder the hippies of the 1980's loved Coke, contained within every bottle or can was a small oprtion of cocain. Obviously the government halted the production due to certain harmful circumstances Shame.

Escaping from reality was one of man's many favoured pasttimes along with adultery, war and suggestive music. Luke favoured only Music out of the list, only because it didn't always have negative effects. Gazing out into what seemed an endless sea he remembered what a divinist had once explained to him. Existence.

'Existence is the view of an eager eye into the ocean. Both neverending, baffaling and extremely significant. When viewing existence it can either be a calm, controlled current or a tidal wave of anger, power and hatre leaving no soul untouched. Every human being co-exists as a droplet of water, some in isolated rock-pools, others in thriving underwater communities. Drought or mass terrorism of any kind could destroy everything, but as water evaporates it will return in a blessed way.'

'Deep Huh?' mused Luke, 'Screw deep'

A small black object vibrated inside the sand covered knapsack, along with the vibration came a small, famously known tune, the mexican hat song.

'Shit, Shit, Shit' growled Luke as he forced his hands into the bag, groping for his cellphone. The line that was being used to call him was for dire use only. It had been decided by Luke's superior, Optiva, that noone should disturb his only week long holiday that he would get for the remainder of the year. The direst situation was classified as the second coming. 'Impossible' groaned Luke as he pressed the luminous green answer button and placed the phone to his ear.

'I thought i made it quiet clear to not be disturbed.' snapped Luke into the mouth piece.
'Sorry sir it's an emergency.'
'Second Coming?'
'No sir it's...'stumbled the caler
'well then' replied Luke calmly, 'IT'S NOT A F*CKING EMERGENCY!!!'
'Sir, excuse me, it;s not as bad as the second coming but it may be somewhat significant'

Slapping his forehead he closed his eyes and starting to breath in and out meditatively. Anger management lessons had taught him a few things in dealing with frustrating circumstances, without it he would've already thrown his cellphone into the ocean. A stupid and erradic decision, that would lead to lost information, vital information.

'Sorry Peter what is it?' asked Luke cooly
'The Third bearer has been found...a whore.'
'A whore? Irony is paying us a quick visit i see.'
'Actually, it''s the unborn child of a whore.'

This was bad, not only for LUke but the whole of MBDR would suffer. It would put them back at least 5 years in development. A waste of time, time that they would need to find the other bearers. If Luke rolled his eye at the moment there was the strong possibility that they would'nt come back.

'Where are you?'
'I'm at the Western Australia base, but before you come here Deo wants an audience with you in Melbourne.'
'What's the bastard trying to sell to me this time, stupid preacher.'
'Hell if i know, pay rolls, the universe, woman...same old shit.'
'Keep me updated ok.' pleaded Luke as he hung up on the young missions director. 'To Melbourne'.

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Original Sin, The Betrayal
Thursday. 9.28.06 6:59 pm
Many days had passed since Eve had materialised into existence by the almighty one. An enormous emotion had captured the hearts of the humans, love. Paradise was what it was designed to be everything, yet nothing important. The urge for a purpose overcame the couple. They wanted more, as every human eventually will. Wanting what they couldn't have, power, sickened by the concept of the "all knowing". The first Rebellion.

God had only given them a single rule to obey; a necessity in which they had to abide by if not there would be consequences. The couple were not allowed to disturb a single tree of its natural belongings. The tree had been named Gaia.

Strolling around the running rivers and blossoming flowers of paradise the couple had a single thought on their mind...Gaia. Eventually curiosity crept upon them and they made their way to the sacred tree. Crouching beneath Gaia, they observed it intently but could not find anything out of the ordinary. It was just like any other tree in Paradise so why did god favour this one? thought Adam.

'Because it holds the key to his eternal power, he's afraid that you may take it from him' whispered a voice into the couple's ears

'W-What was that Eve?'

'I have no idea'

An unfamiliar animal uncoiled itself from Gaia's branches and flowed through the ground, moving like a stream of water. It was covered in glistening rock and through its mouth protruded a long pink tongue.

'Pick an apple they're delicious'

'But the lord told us not to' replied Eve, fearing the creature that used his powerful lingual ability so well.

'What he doesn't know won't hurt him'

The creature speaks the truth thought Adam, Existence shouldn't be...there is no possible explanation...God isn't God...just a mistake

'Very well, I shall take a bite' agreed Eve, "After all he can't see everything at the same time.'

Reaching into the branches she firmly grasped a ripe red apple. It was soft to the touch...something was wrong. Shrugging it off she split the apple from the leaf it had grown on. Eve placed the apple to her mouth and took a bite, nothing had happened.

'See I told you it was alright Adam.'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah' said Adam as he took the apple from Eve's palm. Quickly biting it a large aftershock occurred.

Surging through the bodies of the couple was the wrath of god. It was the first time they had felt pain in their lifetime, to the couple it was both amazing and immensely stressful.

'I warned you not to disturb Gaia and you have turned your back onto thy master. The punishment you face is worse than the wrath of myself. For an eternity you shall live inside the thing you had reaped so carelessly from. Because of your ignorance your spawn and the spawn of your spawn shall suffer the same fate.'

Still clenching the apple in his hand Adam let drops of tears flow from his eyes and unto his cheeks. A strange energy chorused through the couple's bodies as the world around them disappeared and reappeared in a totally different form. There were trees, rivers, animals and all sorts of life...but there was no god.

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Original Sin,The Breath of Life
Wednesday. 9.27.06 7:30 pm
Exhaling a sigh of relief the first man, Adam cleared his mind of all thoughts. They were all just a form of betrayal designed by the lord to test the faith and obedience of the universe that the divine master had created. A small wisp of breeze blew throughout the valleys of paradise cooling off Adam's naïveté.

'This isn't a paradise; it's just a false sense of existence, without having to work for anything, a buffet of lies and deceit.'

His earth brown eyes gazed into the heavens, a seemingly endless void of blue and white puffs of clouds that made the sky. Another of God's equally beautiful creations was water. But what most fascinated Adam about the water were its inhabitants. They were unlike any land creature...these were somehow magical.

'Is existence treating you well Adam?'

'Yes Lord thank you for the blessing'

'But?' reading the thought of Adam.

'But...I feel incomplete as if something is missing.

'Yes, I understand'

'Of course you do' mumbled Adam who was starting to tire from the presence of an "all knowing" being.

The moon rose and fell as Adam dreamt of a creature that he had never seen before, it was beautiful yet somewhat strange... it was just like him. Trailing after the moon was the sun. The warmth of the energy from the sun awoke the brunette from his dormant state, along with it a new hope. Rising from the soft green he adjusted his eyes to the day. He noticed the imprint that he had left in the grass. It had taken his form quiet well, he must have slept for a long time. Glancing around paradise he saw many creatures each was special with their own shapes, scents and minds. He had seen mostly all of these creatures the previous day...except for one.

'L-Lord what is this?'

'That is Eve, the first woman.'


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Original Sin, The Beginning
Tuesday. 9.26.06 11:41 pm
A single body of life floated through the midst of nothing. Shining immensely in the pitch black of existence was the original, the first.
The original, being without a predecessor it would be the subject on the minds of everything that is yet to be created, the beginning.

'Why, What am I?'

'I know what I am, everything'


He did not know who or what was responding to his thoughts. Was it in his mind? Not one mind, three, each with a different perspective and gift. Each for every aspect of existence Mind, Body and Soul. Deciding that something should not have infinite power he split himself into three beings. Power, Wisdom and Love. God, Gaia and Venus.

'A universe with only one type of life is useless' stated Gaia

'Agreed, but what shall we do sister?' questioned God

'Create something that is controlled by our deepest desires' added Venus

'Light, Dark, Life and Death.'


'Ceasing to exist'

So started the creation of the universe. The three gods planned the creation out over a period of a single lifetime. The planning had been completed a day ahead of schedule, this left 8 days for the creation to commence.

BTW i wrote this a long, long time ago, havn't gotten around to doing anything with it though, i'll probably put the other three chapters on later:P

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Finally Holidays.
Tuesday. 9.26.06 4:31 am
I've been looking forwards to these holidays since the start of term :P. This is because that i'm not having a regular nintendo junkie holiday namely sleeping, in playing video games and getting zero exercise except for the occasional game of pool. No, this holidays i'm going to Hong Kong for 1 week and China for the second week.

Another good thing about this week is that the Oktoberfest is on! *Claps All 'Round*, the one day where it's alright for grown-ups to get wasted while their kids run around a semi-amusement park, filled with german delicacies and terrible impersonations of Elvis, Elvis at an Oktoberfest? Tacky but good :p

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w0000000t, yep that's how happy i am.
Monday. 9.25.06 4:32 am
It's been a pretty good day today mainly because of the fantestic mark that i got! For an Englsih Assignment i got 100% for a film concept including script, synopsis and press release, i better get recognised or paid :P either one shows appreciation.

On a more eye twitching note our grade had a year meeting today. We were told that we would be having yearly tests first week back and that we would not recieve our extra 5 weeks holiday. Let me just say if there were glocks beneath the seats of the 10th graders it would be a frenzy Max Payne style. They denied our holidays so we shall deny them something of value.

*Evil Laughing*

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